A Body Of Work

How to reflect a different philosophy?

A Body Of Work needed an update to their aging website and working closely with Dovetail Group and A Body Of Work, we developed a WordPress based website using their existing colour pallette and site requirements. Included was EnquiryBot integration and video shooting/editing of interview with business owner Jeff Morrison.

Website Development

UI design

The Analysis

A difficult colour pallete that needed to work

A Body Of Work was a rather old website when we came on board. It used a very odd colour pallette of dark green, purple, orange and bright pink! The colour pallette had to be retained moving forward.

As a business, their approach to back care was both advanced and different to most. We somehow has to convey that different approach in the new website.

The Solution

Minimise the colour and use video interviews

After deciding on the design of the layouts for the site, we needed to get this colour pallette to work. We chose the two colours that worked best together, the dark green and orange, and made them the main colours, and ultimately removing the two other colours altogether.

We also decided to do interviews with the owner Jeff Morrison to further explain how his business differs to the approach of other similar businesses.

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