Juliet Love

A website to represent, a stylist and television presenter

Juliet Love has a been something of a styling guru for sometime, but with a new role on Channel 7’s ‘Better Homes & Gardens’ a personal site was needed.

Website Development

UI design
Logo Creation

The Analysis

It needed to be stylish, and delivered very quickly

Juliet already had a website called Love Style which catered to her styling clients, but this new website needed to represent her, and not only a stylist, but also a television presenter. With a new role on Channel 7’s ‘Better Homes & Gardens’ airing on June 4th, the site was needed quickly.

The Solution

Retain the look of existing Style website but improve function

We used the clean look of the existing Love Style website as a basis for this new website design. Clean and white was the order of the day.

Using the existing Love Style logo, we created the Juliet Love logo and added a image carousel to the front page showing both Juliet and her styling work.

In addition, we imbedded videos showing Juliet’s work, including re-editing her showreel to shorten it, and fix aspect ratio.

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