NAD Electronics Australia

Rebuild a broken site, match global site, and make it better.

The existing NAD Electronics website in Australia was poorly designed and like others in the group had been hacked and broken for some time. We needed to rebuild it and provide a better solution to the Australian customer base.

Website Development

The Analysis

Hacked, broken, poor SEO and simply not secure enough


The analysis on this site was rather simple; the site had been hacked, so security was not up to standard, and the design was poor. The site did not reflect the brands global image and was in dire need of a complete overhaul. SEO too was lacking so that was top of our priority list.

The Solution

Rebuild it bigger, better and stronger...and more secure


The solution was simple; rebuild the site using the global site as a template for the design, and then improve on that. We tidied up much of the layouts with constrained width, made every design detail consistent across the entire site, and beefed up the site security. Finally we performed SEO on every page to ensure the site ranked well in Google.

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