Ordio Acoustics

It was time for a makeover!

Having worked with Ordio Productions in the past, it was time to give the Ordio Acoustics website a makeover, for a number of reasons.

Website Development

UI design
Logo Creation

The Analysis

The complexity of adding products needed to be simplified

The products sold on Ordio Acoustics, are not as simple as they first seem, and as such they require a lot of information to be displayed.

As this is an ecommerce website, the product pages required a different layout to what would normally be used, and it also needed to be easy to manage.

The Solution

The simple answer was Custom fields and templates

Apart from an overall design makeover, we created a large number of custom fields for the products, and a template layout that made it easy for the customer to find the information needed to make a buying decision.

In addition, multiple galleries and PDF documents were required for each product and again, we simplified the process of adding these galleries and PDF files to each product. So we spent a great deal of time in the admin for the products, to ensure it was a simple matter of filling in the blanks for each product.

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