The Guitar Lounge

Designed to outperform competitors via strong SEO and being an information powerhouse!

With the strains put on businesses in Sydney’s CBD because of COVID-19 restrictions, The Guitar Lounge needed to reach a broader online customer base to make up for the lack of foot traffic.

Website Development

UI design

The Analysis

Why was a two year old website not performing as it should?

Looking at the existing website and how it was built, we could see that many errors had been made in terms of SEO more than anything. Product naming structure and image naming structure were all totally wrong for SEO and the site lacked information for the customer to make a buying decision.

The Solution

Building a site from the ground up for strong SEO performance

We started with a fresh design, using more vibrant colour, and designed logical, informative layouts for the product pages in particular. Every vital bit of information required to make a buying decision is available on each product page, and every single product was correctly named and all images prepared for correct SEO practices. We also integrated video on every product page with a video available from the manufacturer.

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