Vintage Digital

So much more than a simple ecommerce site

Vintage Digital is a full ecommerce website selling downloadable PDF documents, and downloadable software. In addition to that, almost 90% of the images have been created in Affinity Photo from scratch.

Website Development

UI design
Image Creation

The Analysis

Huge amount of content to catalogue and sort

Vintage Digital is a website cataloguing vintage recording studio effects. Hundreds of hours of research goes into the site, with even more hours piecing it all together and providing accurate information and product images for these old audio processors.

Once the information is gathered, it then has to be presented in a clear and precise manor that makes it easy to find, allow visitor feedback, and to even sell historic documents for these audio processors.

The Solution

Multiple Templates were created for each section

In order to make the addition of new information relatively easy, we created multiple templates for the historic product posts, news posts, product pages and informational pages.

Vintage Digital is a continual work in progress as we constantly improve the user interface and overall design of the site. Each historic product image is created from scratch in Affinity Photo using old photographs for reference, with each historic image taking around 4 to 8 hours to complete.

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