Website Security Add-On

Each and every day there are literally hundreds and in some cases thousands of attempted hacks on every website. In the last few months our website has had over 27,000 attacks blocked! Yes we have server protection in place, so what are the benefits of this Security Update?

Simply put, this plugin to your WordPress site can provide very strong website security for the admin login, and can automatically block malicious attacks by IP address, preventing further attempts which put load on your site and our server. In essence, this security shield gives you advanced protection which never sleeps, so that you can!

Additional Website Security features include:

  • Plugins/Themes Vulnerability Scanner – Instant alerts to vulnerabilities on your sites (+ automated updates)
  • Tech Support When You Need It – Add our dedicated security team to yours
  • Plugins and Themes Guard – Catch secret changes tucked away inside your plugin files
  • More Frequent File Scanning up to 1/hour – Catch intrusions before real damage is done
  • Unlimited audit trail – Review site activity as far back as you need
  • Advanced options for two factor authentication – Make 2-FA easier to use for everyone
  • Import/Export options between sites – Setup new sites on Shield even faster
  • Protection for 3rd party services – Improve protection for both you and your customers
  • Professional Password Policies – Ensure all users employ strong passwords


  • 1 year license
  • Installation and setup

$99.00 Inc GST

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