Ben Wever Photography

Revamping an existing self made website to bring images to life

An existing website made by the owner, that was dark and did not showcase the photography enough, that had to change.

Website Development

UI design

The Analysis

Images were being lost in the dark surrounds of the website design

The main problem with the existing site, was that the black background was not allowing the images to shine, and the layouts for the portfolio in particular pages was not ideal, and did not present the images in a positive way.

The Solution

From black to white, let the colour shine, and clean the design

The first thought was to remove the black background, and instead use a clean white canvas to allow the images to pop, which they do. We also got rid of the image carousels and used a more straight forward gallery on each of the portfolio pages. In addition we added navigation within the portfolio pages to simply moving from one portfolio to the next.

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