Business Website Development

Business Website from right here in Sydney, Australia, and not off shore

There are many platforms to choose from when it comes to website development, and after years of using many of those alternative platforms, we have settled on WordPress as our main platform. The reasons for choosing WordPress are simple; The level of security and the capabilities of the platform are second to none. On going maintenance and updating are simple, and those updates are very regular compared to other platforms, so keeping your site secure is relatively simple.

Custom Design or use existing theme? You choose, we’ll deliver! We can provide you with a website using an off the shelf theme tweaked to suit your needs, we can build your site using a design provided to you by your designer, or let us design and build for you to make things really simple.

We work with existing frameworks such as Elementor rather than coding your site in PHP…why? We work this way so that your site is more easily updated and kept secure. Most custom built WordPress sites are out of date the day they are launched and never get updated, which is a security risk we do not like to take. The site we build for you can be managed by any WordPress developer, you are not locked into anyone, even us!

Offshore Development: Did you get burnt by an offshore developer who left you stranded?

Are you one of the many who have taken the seemingly cheaper path and had your website developed off shore only to find yourself with a website you can no longer update and the developer is nowhere to be found? Too often off shore developers ‘vanish’ right when you really need them. Usually after a major update to WordPress and their coding fails to work. If this has happened to you, then get in touch and we can discuss a new site that will not suffer from poor coding or the inability to be updated. Ever!