Website Development

Website development using the worlds number one platform

Business website development using the WordPress platform that you can easily update and manage yourself

There are many platforms to choose from when it comes to developing a website, and after years of using many of those alternative platforms, we have settled on WordPress as our main platform. The reasons for choosing WordPress are simple; The level of security and the capabilities of the platform are second to none. On going maintenance and updating are simple, and those updates are very regular compared to other platforms, so keeping your site secure is relatively simple.

One of the great things about the WordPress platform, is the plethora of add-on modules to add just about any functionality you may require. From Calendars, Booking Systems, eCommerce, Social Media, Image Galleries etc, flexibility is what the platform is all about, so talk to us about your needs, we’re sure to find a solution that suits. If not, we can have it custom built to do exactly what you need.

Custom Design or use existing theme? You choose, we’ll deliver! We can provide you a website using an off the shelf theme tweaked to suit your needs, or build your site using a design provided to you by your designer. Either way, we use existing themes and manipulate it to create your site…why? We work this way so that your site is more easily updated and kept secure. Most custom built WordPress themes never get updated and that is a security risk we do not like to take. We only use the extremely popular themes to ensure continual development and security updates.

We can even manage your new website for you if you are time poor, click here to learn more.

Your new WordPress website can be made to do so much more than just be a static information portal!

News Blog

Adding a news blog to your site is a simple, effective way to keep your customers informed and coming back time and time again.

Online Forum

Create an online community and allow your customers to discuss your products or services in an online forum, built right into your website!


Your WordPress website can be more than a static website, turn it into your very own CRM system, with no reliance on third party systems.

Your Team

If you have amazing people working for you, why not let the world know who they are, what they do and how well qualified they are to do what they do?

Support Files

Do you need to provide your customers with support documents such as downloadable PDF service manuals or user guides, this is the answer.

Image Galleries

Image galleries add a splash of colour to your site, and help sell products by showing every angle of your widgets, or exotics locations, or…

Order Forms

Not everyone needs a full ecommerce website, maybe you have only one product to sell, that is a where a simple order form comes in.


No matter if it is free or paid, you can provide a membership system to your customers, with information provided to differing levels of membership.