BH Audio

A new High Quality Audio Distributor needed a website that reflected the product quality.

The client wanted to kick off their new venture with a website that represented the high quality products they would be distributing. Including a business to business ordering portal.

Website Development

Logo Creation
UI design

The Analysis

How to differentiate this distributor from the others?

Having looked at other distributors, we needed to determine what was wrong with most of them, and what we could do differently with this new website, to make it standout from the pack.

The website needed to also represent the high quality products with both how the site looked, and in terms of the information provided.

The Solution

Colour played an important role in the website design.

A big part of any website development is the colours used. We designed the logo to be monochromatic, allowed any combination of colour to be used for the site.

We chose colours that conjure thoughts of wood and leather, two materials used often in the world of high-end audio. We then used the colour palette to enhance the imagery provided.

We then added a business to business ecommerce portal, blocked from the general public, that allows simple dealer purchasing and account management.

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