Cafe Bones

The Cafe Bones website was broken after years of neglect and was in dire need of a makeover.

The old website had not been updated for years, and was at the stage of being totally broken, it was time to re-evaluate and build a new site from the ground up.

Website Development

UI design

The Analysis

Make the website functional, informative, and add a bit of fun!


There was little to analyse with the old site given it was broken, so it was going to be a clean slate design.

Talking to the owners of the business, it was clear the site needed to be fun as well as functional, and that imagery would play a major role in the design.

The Solution

Involve lot's of dogs and a fun design with just a touch of humour.


Starting with a clean slate and the trust of the owners, we designed a layout that was both functional and fun. The key to the design was the circular image of the dogs on the home page.

We continued with the theme of group images of dogs and added just a touch of humour on the about us page in the testimonials section.

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