Convoy International

Rebuild and Modernise an industry leader

The old Convoy International website was well past it’s use by date in design and functionality. The site was in fact broken in places and simply did not work. The information was outdated as well, and they were unable to update due to the site being broken.

Website Development

UI design
Logo Creation

The Analysis

Fixing the unfixable

The site needed to be rebuilt from the ground up so as not to build upon a broken site. The design needed to be brought up to date, and the logo was not accurate to the companies original design.

The site needed to be hosted on a platform that was better secured from hacking, which plagued the companies sites causing the sites to be broken.

The Solution

Rebuild, starting with the logo

The first step was to rebuild the company logo to be more accurate to the original design. We then focused on designing a home page layout that was just a little different to the norm so that it demanded your attention. We then worked on the remaining page layouts which are more traditional in design, but retain the character of the home page.

We built a custom service agent section to make it easier for their customers to find a local service agent, and also for it to be a very simple process to add new service agents to the system. Finally, the site was moved to our fast, premium hosting to ensure it’s security and performance.

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