DPR Chartered Accountants

A business split required a fresh new website

After business partners went their separate ways, a new website was required for one business partner, and it needed to look fresh, where the old website was dated and bland.

Website Development

UI design

The Analysis

A fresh start with a clean slate and total freedom

With DPR Chartered Accountants being a brand new business and the associated website being a new build, it was a matter of analysing the new logo that had been designed by a third party, and deciding on a look that went with this new branding.

The Solution

Clean modern branding, with a website to suit

We were given minimum content to work with, so this was always going to be a work in progress, but after analysing the new branding, we made use of the colours with the logo to add a splash of colour throughout the website. We primarily used the light blue, and used the green sparingly in blue/green vignettes.

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