ETI Research

A question of how to display small products effectively.

ETI Research sells unusual products to a world wide audience of audiophiles and in particular manufacturers who also cater to the audiophile market.

Website Development

UI design
Image Creation

The Analysis

Overly complicated navigation that was also broken

ETI Research had a website with a very poor navigation system which was broken in a number of places. Products were mislabeled by previous developer and the site was plagued with 404 errors on many links. A complete overhaul was required to enable site visitors to find what they were looking for more easily, and then be presented with the information they needed in a consistent manor throughout the site.

The Solution

Consistency of imagery, with a clean layout

The hardest part of this build was working out how to display these small products on a white background, and make them look appealing. By simply placing them on a lightly coloured circle did the trick.

Next was to sort out the navigation which we did by offering products in either Range or Type. We used a consistent layout for all product pages with subtle colour coding to differentiate the ranges.

We also simplified the handling of pricing, product imagery and logos for their dealer network with a password protected section for that purpose.

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