JBL Loudspeakers

Build an Australian website for JBL Loudspeakers matching global site, and make it better.

The US website for JBL’s high end loudspeakers was not visible to anyone out side of the US, or without a VPN. So it was our job to recreate the JBL ‘Home’ Loudspeaker portal for Australian audiences.

Website Development

The Analysis

Analyse the USA website, determine what would stay and what would go.


These products were buried in a US based website that was not visible to Australian consumers. We need to provide the same level of information and make it easily accessible to Australian consumers.

A VPN was required to access the US website to reproduce the content, as well as access to the parent companies asset library.

The Solution

Copy the US layouts and clean up the fonts and missing content.


The US website layout for the products was useable, but was missing some product information for a few products which had broken links. We used the borchures to obtain the needed information to create product pages for these products.

We tidied up the layouts where needed and tried to keep a consistent look throughout the entire website.

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