Mosman Junior Rugby Club

Bringing a much loved Junior Rugby Club into 2020

The Mosman Junior Rugby Club had been living with an outdated website that few used, so we needed to provide a modern, responsive website that offered value to the committee and parents alike.

Website Development

UI design
Image Creation

The Analysis

A lot of content to be sorted out and listed

The excising website for Mosman Junior Rugby Club was long overdue for updating. It was neither responsive or well laid out. The site lacked any consistency in images with sizes all over the place and of dubious quality. Navigation was also poor, and as more content was added to the site, it became evern worse, so structure was required as well.

The Solution

A full rebuild with structure and image templates

The first thing we did was to establish image guidelines for all content added to the site, to keep images in news items consistent.

We simplified the navigation, and used sub-navigation on pages within each section. This made it simple to know where on the site you are.

We added in a full ecommerce system (which has since been removed for internal reasons), an a built in newsletter system that does not require a third party component like MailChimp etc.

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