Penrith Rubber Stamps

This is not your normal ecommerce website

We had to modernise the site by removing the old tables of products, and make it easier for customers to interact with them about their custom stamp needs. First order came in less than one hour!

Website Development

UI design

The Analysis

How not to go full ecommerce and still succeed?

From the very start, this was not going to be a normal ecommerce website. Customers have specific requirements that could not be handled by a standard ecommerce system.

On the old website customers had to download a PDF order form, fill it in and then fax it to PRS. This was a far to outdated method that simply had to change!

The Solution

New images, and graphical size guides are key

First up was anew site design that was fully responsive for mobiles and tablets. We then spent a day on site working with the owners to get some good imaging for user throughout the site.

We then created hundreds of graphics to give a rough visual representation of the stamp size being ordered. Once chosen, the order form at the bottom of each product page allowed the customer to fill in their details and send through an order or quote request.

“I love the way Steve came out and spent time to see how our place functions. I truly believe that doing that gave him a better understanding of the way we work and he was able to convey it to the site brilliantly.”

Maggie Crowell:
Business Owner
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