Steve Lees Photography

Putting a photographer online in style with full ecommerce

This is actually my own website to represent my photography work to allow clients like you, to see what I can do, and also to sell images to those looking for nice artwork for a wall, or for print publication.

Website Development

UI design
Logo Creation

The Analysis

How to represent my photography work and sell images?

What I needed was a website to do double duty; show prospective clients the type of work I have done and can do for them, and also to be able to sell my images for use in print publications, or for use as artwork on a wall in a stunning frame.

I needed to be able to show the images in a framed view so that customers could more easily see what the image would look like framed on a wall, and I needed to offer differing purchase options for various uses of the image, ie: private use or commercial use.

The Solution

Multiple custom layouts, and clever image framing worked!

The site was a lot of work to get the desired result, and it involved the use of creating multiple templates for the various sections of the website, ie: the product pages, the portfolio sections etc.

Multiple layouts for the product pages allowed for differing framing options for different images. Some images are great for framing on a wall, others for print use, so appropriate framing was required.

In addition to the framing options, each image is offered as ‘for private use’ or ‘for commercial use’, with drop down selector. I also offer AI Scaling of images to allow for those looking to use the image for an entire wall or billboard.

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