Troy O’Brien Jewellery

How to reflect the elegant designs of a Jewellery Master?

We were asked to update their non-ecommerce online presence to a modern ecommerce site. We used WordPress and WooCommerce to provide a more concise, modern website to meet their needs.

Website Development


The Analysis

A tired old website needed a total refresh

Troy O’Brien Jewellery has been a big part of the Neutral Bay shopping precinct for years, winning multiple awards of distinction along the way. With the move into a brand new store, and a stunning fit out, their tired old website was not up to the task.

The old site lacked any real style that resembled the new store, (with lots of white and blue), and it was not responsive for mobiles or tablets. Finally, it lacked any form of ecommerce, so the physical store had to do all the hard work.

The Solution

Let the home page make a sparkling impression

With beautiful jewellery design, it was obvious we needed to showcase that on the home page, and with a custom photo shoot, the perfect image was realised.

We then set about making the site reflect the instore experience visually, and essentially catalogued some of their products, with the intention to add full ecommerce at a later date.

With the arrival of Covid-19 in 2020, it was time to get the ecommerce system up and running, and add in their products, which we continue to do each month.

“Retail Labs came recommended to us and we could not be more grateful ~ Steve took our old outdated website and created a whole new design with a sophisticated, modern look and easy navigation. He also updated the application of the site so it adapted perfectly across multiple platforms. I am not very computer savvy but Steve has a way of communicating that makes the whole process easy and stress free.

Steve has taught me so much along the way, allowing me to update and utilise our site in the most effective way for our business ~ his patience is endless and his knowledge extensive. I cannot recommended Steve highly enough ~ he took our online presence and created something we are proud of, works effectively and actually brings us business. I count Steve as an integral part of our business team.”

Kalena O’Brien:
Troy O’Brien Jewellery Owner
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