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Retail Labs WordPress Hosting service is for businesses seeking professional WordPress hosting in Australia on fast Linux based servers. We host only WordPress sites and do not bog down our server with other resource hungry CMS systems.

We offer both a standard hosting service as well as fully managed hosting services, where we keep your WordPress site up to date with the latest version of WordPress, and all plugins updated to ensure your site keeps pace with security updates. Malware checking is also included on our Premium Hosting Service. All of our hosting packages offer multiple site backups which are run daily, and our Premium Hosting packages offer a third offsite backup for added protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Where is your hosting server located?
Our server is located in Melbourne at the Micron 21 Data centre, one of Australia biggest data centres with unprecedented levels of security, and power redundancy.
2Do you use a caching system on your server?
Yes we do! We use the fastest caching system available for the Wordpress platform, WP Rocket Caching System which is added to all sites we host at no charge to you! ( A US$39 per year licence)
3Do you host thousands of sites on your server?
Absolutely not! In order to provide efficient serving of all our clients sites, we do not host thousands or even hundreds of sites on our server. Instead we offer premium hosting services capable of efficient speed at all hours of the day including peak periods without ever exceeding our server's capability.
4Do you host other platforms?
No! Other platforms such as Magento, Joomla and Drupal are far more demanding on a server's resources, so we do not host those platforms on our server at all. Our server is tweaked for Wordpress only.
5Do you backup your hosted sites?
Yes we do, multiple times in fact! We do a complete server backup daily, and C-Panel server backup, and our Premium Hosting packages provide a third, off site cloud backup as well.
6Do you offer support?
Yes we do. Unlike cheaper hosting services, we are here to help when you need it. We do not use an online ticketing system they are annoying, simply pickup the phone and call!
7Can you move my site for me?
Sure can! If your site is currently being hosted on a C-Panel server that meets the requirements, we can move your site quickly and easily at no charge. Some C-Panel services have restrictions in place which can slow down the process, for which we charge a small fee of $50. If moving from a non C-Panel server, we charge $250 to move the site and get everything up and running as it was prior to moving, and yes it takes a few hours to do.
8Can you keep my site updated for me?
Yes we can. Our Premium Hosting service is for people who want to manage their business and not their website. We keep everything updated for you in terms of the software that makes your site work. By keeping your website updated regularly, you stay one step ahead of hackers ensuring limited opportunity for hackers to destroy your website.
Standard Hosting Account to be paid annually in advance | Premium Hosting Accounts to be paid quarterly or annually in advance | Signed written notice giving one months notice is required to terminate account | If the amount of data transferred from your site exceeds the allocated monthly allowance, a fee of $2.50 per extra GB will be charged | Data is calculated from all web, FTP and Email traffic each month | Usage beyond the limits set out for the account will be billed quarterly | Prices are in Australian dollars and are exclusive of GST.
  • Karl Taylor
    If you need a good modern web site built, with excellent photography, Retail Labs is the business, great job all round, couldn't be happier, thanks guys.
    Karl Taylor
    Sydney CBD Guitar Tuition
  • Lara Caraturo
    Loved working with you, and we're thrilled with our awesome new website. Thanks guys!
    Lara Caraturo
    Italian Wine + Food Festival
  • Mark
    Retail Labs delivered a very slick web site for our business that far exceeded our expectations and stands above all others in our market space, excellent work!
    Aertecnica Australia
  • Maggie Crowell
    A massive thanks for the web site you did for JP Stamps Online. The response has far surpassed our expectations. We had our first order within days of it going online and we receive orders everyday. It has already paid back the initial outlay and it's only been going for a short while. It is so easy to use, looks fantastic, and when the orders come in the info I need to fulfill the order is right there in front of me. I would highly recommend Retail Labs.
    Maggie Crowell
    JP Stamps Online
  • Kevin Best
    The previous web site for ETI Research cost us four times as much, but what you have delivered is so superior in every single way and has made us lift our advertising in other areas. Very happy with the web site you delivered.
    Kevin Best
    ETI Research
  • Ben Wever
    Retail Labs transformed my existing and redundant website into an interactive user experience. My business offers quite a complex range of cable product options, variations and visual representation in order to educate my clients during the online purchasing stage. None of what I was trying to achieve was ever met using previous e-commerce providers, Retail Labs exceeded my expectations.
    Ben Wever
    Ordio Cables
  • Michael McGrath
    The small investment we made in our online web site is set for a significant return in the first year alone, the future looks very bright, we could not be happier.
    Michael McGrath
    Elite Fitness PT