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Ordio Productions

Ordio Productions started as a business with many feathers in it’s cap, from custom audio cables to acoustic wall treatments and professional audio mastering, to sales of pro audio hardware and much more. Anyone visiting their website was somewhat confused by the overwhelming options on the site and many failed to find the service they were looking for.

“Having customers from multiple industries such as corporate, education, legal, broadcast, multimedia and production many of them expressed a confusing experience whilst navigating through the single site.”

We approached company director Ben Wever to discuss the possibility of splitting his site into multiple sites, each targeting their respective markets directly. With some simple SEO work, it would be possible to gain market share with these new websites.

“I did my research and realised that if I didn’t separate my business into three dedicated sectors I would have lost a lot of business to my growing competition. This then enabled me to be the pioneer of online custom ordering within my somewhat niche markets. I also found that keeping them completely separate I found new ways of inventing innovative products that were all unique giving me a major point of difference between my business and my competitors.”

Working closely with Ben, we mapped out a way forward, and in doing so we actually removed some products from Ordio Productions lineup and focused purely on the sectors that were working and had potential for growth. This left us with Acoustics, Mastering and Cables.

We started with the Acoustics website which itself would focus on the Autex brand of acoustic treatment products. Using high quality product images and simple SEO techniques, we built the site and launched it. Within weeks the orders started rolling in, and in a matter of a few months the website dominated the search results for Autex Acoustic products.

“Knowing what Retail Labs had achieved with other tech savvy web sites my expectations for the new sites were to be rich in detail, slick by design yet functional for all user types. The end result was that sales, online traction and awareness have all increased like never before.”

With the success of the acoustics website, we moved our focus to the custom audio cables website. Working with Ben we setup something akin to a production line for photographing the many cable and connector options and built a template file for use in Photoshop or Affinity Photo, to assemble the different cable product images.

We then went to work on building the site itself, exporting hundreds of images from our new template, and Ben went to work on the SEO having been shown what to do with the previous Acoustics website. Once again, the results were beyond expectations as orders rolled in from almost day one and have not stopped.

Our success continued with the Ordio Mastering website, once again with a functional design and Ben’s now almost expert level of SEOing, it continues to grow in a very competitive market space. We built a fourth website for the parent business of Ordio Productions, which is used as a blogging platform for the main three sales websites.

“The past two years has certainly magnified the importance of web development, strong SEO and unique content. Its enabled me to spend less time on the road and use my websites as my virtual shop, in fact having a store in 2019 would in fact have the opposite affect in growth.”

Very few of our customers embrace their websites the way Ben has, he truly understands the power of a quality online presence, has mastered the art of SEO and manages to grow his online businesses year on year. From a customers point of view, all of Ordio Productions websites give the impression of a much larger business, and people buy with complete confidence.

“Never a bad problem to have when the average person thinks that my business is much larger than it actually is. The ‘Big Company’ appearance has certainly attracted the bigger customers and this no doubt is all due to how people perceive my position in the marketplace.”

It is rare to get the opportunity to work so closely with another business to try and help in their growth, but that is exactly the opportunity that presented itself to us with Ordio Productions and working with Ben was a real pleasure. To think we played a part of the success and growth of Ordio Productions, makes what we do very rewarding. But, we will let Ben have the final say!

“There are graphic designers who know how to design and there are coders who know how to write code. Yet, combine the experience in print, design and web development with experience running several businesses from a variety of industries and you have a forward thinking team of experts who understands the craft of building  websites with a great return on investment.”

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