Buon Ricordo

Putting Sydney's top Italian Restaurant online

Built using WordPress and WooCommerce for the online shop, Retail Labs also did the food photography (90%) for the site, and in fact have since done several photo shoots for Buon Ricordo.

Website Development

UI design

The Analysis

Website did not reflect the industry status

The existing website for Buon Ricordo did not reflect the 30 year heritage of this Italian Restaurant in Paddington. With a reputation built over such a long period, the website needed a total make over to reflect that reputation as Sydney’s top Italian Restaurant.

Along with a total website makeover, there was a need for more photography of both the interior and the food.

The Solution

A total rebuild, add ecommerce and new images

The first thing we did was to do some food photography to provide some new images to work with. (We have since done several photo shoots at the restaurant)

The new website is bathed in white, with some simple animation on some pages. We added an ecommerce system to allow the sale of in house goods to a loyal customer base.

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